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The largest, bloodiest, extreme knitting tournament in the world.

When you sign-up you receive a top-secret file containing your target's information. To "kill" your target, you must follow the pattern to make a weapon (a pair of socks) for your event, and mail it to your target. Your target is "dead" when they receive your weapon. Your target then sends their incomplete weapon to you, along with their target's information, and you complete their weapon to kill their target. At the same time you are trying to kill your target, your assassin is trying to kill you.
"Sock Wars has been brutal; I haven't slept in two weeks!"
by FiberLily April 22, 2009
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the gruesome battle in which the purpose is to remove anothers sock while they attempt to remove yours. it sounds a little gay but is actually very intense. Most fun with at least six playing simultaneously. Teams are encouraged.
Lets go to amandas house and have sock wars...but not on sunday mornings.
by stuuuuuuuuu November 25, 2008
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an ongoing battle during which a roommate or relative you live with (usually a brother) steals your socks cuz he or she is too lazy to do laundry.
My little brother and I have had such bitter sock wars for so long I've actually contemplated giving up wearing socks till I went off to college.
by ducksRpeople2 September 15, 2011
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