An ecosystem in which homo sapiens dwell. Most individual homo sapiens try to copy what the other creature does to fit into a pack or group although they are blissfully unaware of what they are doing. We are just like apes, unaware of the effect we have on mankind and the world, unlike that of scientist.
Society is just a bunch of animals that can build things like other animals and can organize just like bees, wolves and chimps. There may be a god, but non biased sociologist ,psychologist, and other scientist who can prove things by logic are gods among these ordinary primates. We intelligent folk exercise to stay healthy, humans do this to attract others especially the opposite sex.
by David Wolf July 31, 2006
a mainstream ideal that encourages conformity
Ralph Waldo Emerson's Self Reliance shows a dislike of society.
by lil_miss_nobody July 29, 2010
sucks. it's cruel, and sets unrealistic standards. it sucks.
America society has accepted Snookie as an icon. Time for society to die.
by 16-21-30 January 24, 2011
Well, for America, it's just full of fucking zombies who are very fashionable and trendy. And they cream over everything that the media shits out and deems awesome, as in superstars, websites, tv shows, "musicians". They blindly recognize Justin Beiber, Adam Lambert, the sissy fag that sings "You're beautiful, it's true." as good music, and worse, art.

Zombies of society go haywire for glittery, glamourous American Idol, for any winners to be forgotten within the next two years. Same could be said for any star in these times.

In today's society, seemingly random people can be famous. Like Snooki and Paris Hilton. They're famous for being... Rich bitches, with no significant works or talent. The phrase "bliss is ignorance" applies to America's society quite well. Hell, kick it up a few notches. "Ignorance is encouraged"
Gee, today's society is really shitacular. Good luck, mankind, on trying to elevate to a higher concsience.
by Wasabimoto November 18, 2010
Something that many of us complain about but do nothing to change.
Jeff: Society sucks! Nothing is fair!
Dan: Aren't you PART of society? Doesn't that make it partially YOUR fault?
Jeff: Well uh.. it's everybody ELSE that sucks!
by Grumpy Gus August 11, 2009
best described by Tupac

"this dorment and uncaring society"
Tupac also describes our feelings on society

"i got beef with this society that dosent give a shit, they too quick to say goodbye to me"
by tha truth teller May 30, 2006
A society, at it's most simple definition, is a system which, like any other, has a purpose. This purpose is to keep the individuals in the society together in order to survive and maintain the system. But in order to do that, laws must be set to keep the structure from collapsing and individuals must obey for the system to work. Any further ruling of the individuals past the concern of the society is perversion.
"The society law states that I must not kill others, for if everyone did so of their choice there would be no society to maintain. This is fair ruling."

"The society law also states that I must not look at pornographic images under the age of 18, the reason for this is unjustified and is nothing but perversion and an example of megalomania."
by Cin.Illuminus May 25, 2005
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