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Comes down to standards in etiquette and social harmony; caste. Ethics, Morals, Virtue, and Quality.
Drugs are known to remove inhibitions, thus destroying the most basic social STANDARDS.
by MaxArp November 21, 2010
A pop punk band from Windsor
Been together three years and their fan base is always growing
That alot of immature people think they get somewhere by saying shit
when they don't even have the guts to come out and say it to any of their faces
Because truth be known the ones who are saying it are all fags.
for more info on these fags, check out Jon Loiselle
pop punk music from Windsor Ontario, four guys,
by jon_loiselle_is_a_fag January 11, 2005
A pop punk band from Windsor with some screaming added to mix it up. Always releasing new material, and larger fan base grows with time. They've been together for three years, and though they have enemies, they now have less things to worry about.
check out for it all
by person_from_windsor January 10, 2005
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