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The use social networking sites to stalk people of the opposite sex. Specifically, to find pictures of said person, find out who there friends are, and look for personal information about them.
Kevin used social netlurking to find out that his hot classmate has douchey looking friends, and her favourite saying is "Go big or go home."
by LittleBurrito January 22, 2009
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The action of observing friends or complete strangers from the comfort of your own computer via social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace, Formspring, etc. When practiced correctly, a social netlurker can gather immense amounts of information on their subject(s). Any embarrassing and funny information gathered should be submitted to
After last night's party, Amber was totally hitting on my 14 year old brother on his Facebook wall. I took a screenshot and sent it in to Social Netlurking before she could sober up, realize what she did, and delete it.
by katelynshelby August 11, 2010
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