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Bolognese (Italy) word.
Literally it means suck my dick, but in Bologna it's used as a exclamation.
It's a common use word in Bologna, often you can hear old people using this word, in fact in Bologna it isn't a swear word.
You can say Soccia too.
In english it can probably be translated with Damn.
Soccmel! quella tipa ha un gran culo (Damn! that chick has got a nice ass)
Soccia che du maron (Damn! i can't stand this shit anymore)
Soccia se sei grosso (Damn man you're too big)
Soccia vecchio!! sto pezzo spacca di brutto (Damn mate! this track is too dope)
by El_Cockney_Bolo_55 May 08, 2013
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