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A sports term used when the coach is related to a sponsor of the team. Can also be other sports, i.e. baseball-in-law, football-in-law, and many more. The most famous Soccer-in-Law is Midge Middleton whose mother-in-law, Beatrice, sometimes coaches soccer. If you want sports action that is truly raw cheer for your favorite Soccer-in-Law!
Beatrice: Oh no, another soccer game! We need some serious stuff here.

Midge: I know, I'm a Soccer-in-Law! The kids need ice cream and things like that.

Beatrice: Okay, why don't you take me by the clubhouse at 9:00 and pick up the soccer things and then run by Coach K's and get some Coach K Chicken. I have to be at the field at 10:00 for pre-game stretches. And then we can go back at 11:00 for ice cream.

Midge: Sure! but all that would be rough on me. I'll probably need some of those warm up stretches myself. (She starts stretching herself)

Beatrice: There you go! That's what we're talking about. A little pre-game workout never hurts. You may be my daughter-in-law, but you're also a Soccer-in-Law. I'll see you later. (she blows the coach's whistle) Hey kids, move it!

Midge: (walks off the field) My mother-in-law's a great coach. And I'm the best Soccer-in-Law there is! Soccer-in-Laws are sweet@
by Dusty's Baby Powder December 24, 2011
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