1.When One Is So Good At Every Thing He (Or She) Does, That Person Is Then Forced To Sleep With Swimmies Due To The Level Of Soak. 2. Making All In Attendence Look Awful At What Ever It Is That Is Going On. 3. When Soaked, Little Or Any Can Stop Your Mommentum. Aka: Wet, Drenched, Submerged Or Damp. Some Other Formes Of Being "Soaked" Include; Drizzeled, Sprinkled, Sweat, And Or Moist.
--------> Ant's. For The Term "Soaked" Can Be; Bone Dry, Dehydrated, Crispy, Cramped, Drought, Or Simply "NOT GOOD"
Steven Says, "Hey Jeremy I Bet You Any Thing In The World I Can Beat You In Nba Live 09" Jeremy Respones With" Steve I'm Soaked At That Game, This You Know Already. " So When You Get Out Of Your Dehydrated Drought, Then Come See Me"
by Chase Da Hoez July 14, 2009
Top Definition
A 31337 way of claiming a burn. Often used at a point of extreme humiliation.
Guy #1 : She looked like a Japanese game show host with Parkinsons..

Guy #2 : Haha! Soaked!
by The Own Zone October 07, 2009
As referring to getting "wet" with a girl
When a lotta cum is comin out
Person #1- "Man last night i got totally soaked"
Person #2- "WHy what happened?"
Person #1- "YO man, me and that girl totally fucked!"
by Belinda Fox March 25, 2008
A safe term used to describe being stoned when in front of people that cannot know that you are stoned. It's popularity has grown drastically in the greater Miami area.

Upon hearing this term most people automatically assume that you are referring to wetting your pants or just being wet in general. No one ever assumes that you are implying being under the influence of marijuana.
Dude, I'm soaked.

I got soaked earlier but we had a great time.
by Ind3lible May 26, 2011
To get completly drunk and beligerent, as after the "pre-soak" at the home before the bar
man when we got to the bar we were just soaked
by Kudge May 01, 2006
Another Word For Being Killed With A Grenade Launcher On Call Of Duty Without the grenade Exploding.
Jimmy:WHATT!! He Hit Me With A Grenade Launcher Bullet That Didn't Even Explode!!
Tom:Haha U Just Got Soaked!
by L0Lman May 22, 2011
A state of being in which one utters totally false statements with confidence.

Soaked refers directly to the condition of one's ass after making such a statement. See GAR; may lead to GAR
When a submarine implodes at great depths, the people die from incineration. Man, you're soaked!
by John Walls May 31, 2003

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