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Smoking weed while in the bath tub (not to get clean, it's just fun as hell).

Similar to a wake and bake, it's extremely relaxing. Just don't drop your weed in the water!
Kevin: brb I'm going to soak and toke.

Caton: WTF?
by Kwoodhead October 06, 2011
The Art of smoking weed while cleansing oneself in a body of water or shower if one is not a complete hollow head.
Faced with the dilemma of morning multi-tasking, Mcconaughey decided the best decision he could make was not to wake and bake and potentially forget to shower, but to soak and toke with his RooR Icemaster, which despite Mcconaughey growing older, stayed the same age.
by SRliVeson August 07, 2010
Derived from the "wake and bake," the soak and toke is when someone smokes marijuana before and/or after a shower. The steam, fragrances, and noise from the shower mask the act of smoking. Additionally, the resulting smoke can be carefully blown out of a ceiling vent, leaving no residual marijuana smell. Therefore, this method is often employed by those living with an authority figure who is opposed to toking.
Stoner 1: Hey dude, you wanna meet up and hit some sticky icky?

Stoner 2: Nah man, my parents have got me on lockdown since they found out I've been smoking. I think I gotta settle for a little soak and toke instead.

a hopkin-original
by B.Hop February 16, 2009
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