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the best comeback ever that always works. (known on an episode of scrubs.)
bob:dude your getting fat!
josh: so is your face!
by xaria347 March 29, 2010

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A payout used to react to another payout or saying
Person 1: Your Gay!
Person 2: So is your face!

Person 1: What are you doing tomorrow night?
Person 2: So is your face!
by Cammo F September 28, 2006
A come back which throws your opponent so far off the argument, that you HAVE to win the fight! If done right, no can defend against!
I don't want you to ever talk to your friend Tina again.

Really, why not?

Becuase she's a bitch and she stinks.

Well, so is your face!
by Skyynet August 30, 2009
A comeback that always work no matter what kind of situation your in.
man#1: Nice day isn't it?
man#2: So is your face!
man#1: That doesn't make any sense.
man#2: So is your face!
man#1: That was uncalled for...
man#2: So is your face!
by Talkin' man November 30, 2010
A comeback to just about anything. Commonly used by a teenage girl named Cat.
Girl one: That bag is so ugly

Girl two: So is your face we just don't say anything about it

Girl three: Damn girl you just got dissed
by OnceUponATime January 03, 2008