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The act of snuggling on Skype.
I had a rough day... can we Snype tonight?
by kljghlk hljhfkjl April 19, 2011
Another word for Hook Up, or Make out
Most commonly used in Boarding Schools
Dude, last night I snyped with Kelly.
by sarrahh12 July 18, 2009
(n.) a word used religiously to stereotype, criticize, insult, and in rare cases to actually tell a person's job. directed to the engineers in the Navy. snypes are grimy, with animal-like instincts, appear in human form and live in the deepest dungeons of the ship.
reporter: so what do you think of engineers?
airman1: i heard snypes are like "one" with the ship, like, they live in the walls or something.
airman2: i've never seen one, but i hear they eat each other to survive down there.
reporter: *swallows heavily* are we talking about the same species here?
by anexana August 29, 2014