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When you either accidentally or deliberately to be ironic type "smile" with your right hand on the wrong keys.

Originated in text-based MUDs in the 90s where users would type commands into the console to "emote."
Example 1.

Person 1: I love you so much, dearest.
Person 2: Sweet! *SNUKE*

Example 2.

"say I just slayed that level 50 dragon!"
You say: I just slayed that level 50 dragon!

"Hrothgar: snuke"
Hrothgar tries to type "smile" but his hands are on the wrong keys!
by Shiggity & Trionna February 29, 2012
4 5
1.) (n.) A deathly and horrifying means of desolating a residential area and/or city, a snuke is an artificial life-form that yields the same disastrous effects of the "Jersey Shore" character "Snookie."

2.) (v.) To defile in a trashy and classless way, characteristic of "Snookie."
Example 1:

News Reporter: "It is recently come to our notice that the U.S. of glorious A. has decided to drop a Snuke on North Korea."

Viewer 1: "Dude, I thought we were the good guys!."

Viewer 2: "I must say, I think I'll be rooting for North Korea in this one."

Example 2:

Dude: "So how was that party last night, bro?"

Bro: "I met this hot chick and we started getting busy... but then she snuked all over my piece."
by Benlvr January 09, 2011
7 11
A nuke that is located inside one's genitalia.
"There is a snuke in her sniz"
by Stretch69 March 28, 2007
0 8
A nuclear device/suitcase nuke designed to fit in a woman´s sniz. First described on South Park ep 1104.
God damn it! She´s packin´ a snuke!! Get in there and try to disarm it!!!!
by B-mb-M March 29, 2007
1 10
a nuclear device that is planted in the vagina of a woman. derived from the terms "snatch" and "nuke"
The snuke in Britney Spears' vagina is set to detonate at any moment.
by FACIALCUMSHOT March 28, 2007
2 11
Snuke is a gift to Achaea from the god Clementius. In his words, "It's a smile that didn't quite make it. It's off just a bit; awkward; misaligned; essentially well meaning but somehow awry! It's been one of my little secrets for a long time now, and I want you all to have it." It's basically a mistyped smile. Look at a keyboard for futher clarification.
Jimmy tried to smile at Jane, but his smile was more like a snuke.
by Gautier Lapoule April 01, 2007
16 34
It is a Suitcase Nuke that can be inserted in a womans vagina. As seen on South Park.
Hilary Clinton has a snuke in her snizz!
by PiruWst April 02, 2007
27 48