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A snuggle walker is a person that loves public displays of affection - especially while traversing by foot with his/her significant other.

A snuggle walker at times will be so touch-feely and immersed on their significant other that it becomes difficult for the recipient of said snuggle walking to actually make forward progress.

Key attributes of snuggle walking include:
- extremely tight hand-holding
- tickling

- jumping on recipients back
- rubbing the buttocks of the recipient
- baby-talking to the recipient at high decibel levels

- pushing the recipient away only to pull them in much closer

More often than not, the person accompanying a snuggle walker is NOT a huge fan. People need their personal space when traveling by foot.
Joe: Hey dude, that girl you took out is hot. How did your date go last night?

Ryan: Yea, you're right she's hot, and everything about her is perfect, EXCEPT when we were walking from the Olive Garden to the Dave & Busters she was a total snuggle walker. That's a deal breaker!
by The Jammy February 05, 2010
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