This occours when you are wearing a Snuggie and you pass gas. The snuggie material traps the gas ,sometimes for hours, until you get up and are surprised by the smell emitted.
"Man, I just got a Snuggie Surprise."
by hatesdirtydancing December 30, 2009
While doing it snuggie style, the receiving end accidentally drops a "surprise", causing the upper half to scream and cry about shit leaking everywhere. Although the snuggie is warm, the warmth of feces is never warranted; therefore, it is always a "surprise".
Girl: This snuggie makes me feel so warm.. and this position is great! Except for the fact that I have to...

Boy: ...dude, you just shit on my dick!

Girl: Uh.. it must be a snuggie surprise!
by Kervcat G February 27, 2009

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