"to strike or attack hard; knock unconcious." derived from snuff - to put out/end.
Don't be a dick or i'll snuff you.
by turner February 24, 2005
Snuff means Punch. Its Boo-york slang
if any of you ever listened to Big L he told you that in "Ebonics"
"...so I just walked up to him and snuffed that nigga out of his shoes"
by Loc- O June 21, 2004
To kill, maim, smoke, nullify, waste or pop a cap in.
I'll SNUFF you, guy! - Rajat
by hubris June 03, 2004
The greatest punk rock band of all time.
Snuff plays everything from melodic hardcore to Japanese pop songs to covers of the Spice Girls.
by Brian June 09, 2003
Is When You Punch Or Hit Some One.
"I Snuffed That Fuck Nigga In His Grill"

"I'm Gonna Snuff That Bitch If She Doesn't Have My Money"
by DMoney December 04, 2003
A type of porno film often on 8mm where a woman is murdered or raped in a violent manner.
We watched some snuff in our film class Friday. I found it highly enlightening.
by P-Noz April 02, 2003
An expression of disappointment.

Partially invented and popularized by Dodge Peck.
The drive-thru is closed? SNUFF! -Peter T. & Phat Ben @ 2am in 2000
by Charles Martin September 19, 2003
To put out, to deny.
You just snuffed that dude!!
You got snuffed..
I am going to snuff you
by Smythe February 28, 2003
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