"to strike or attack hard; knock unconcious." derived from snuff - to put out/end.
Don't be a dick or i'll snuff you.
by turner February 24, 2005
to hit someone, to punch someone, to beat down someone.
I snuffed him good.

you shoulda seen craig last night man, he snuffed that kid good.
by mike1317 September 27, 2005
The foreskin on an uncircumcised penis.
She pulled back his snuff and began to lick
by sinistershawn December 28, 2014
to move your junk in a way so that it feels comfortable, this is often used if you see someone snuffing or need to snuff yourself
Ewww Brandon Just snuffed his pants, so gross.
by Bjillypie February 17, 2015
Snuff Tobacco, to sniff into your noise
you can buy snuff here snuff.me.uk
by jamie sedgwick June 12, 2010
When you see or hear something funny and blow some extra air out of your nostrils, instead of laughing. One puff of air out of your nose when you think something is funny.
I tried not to laugh in class, when Tom made a joke, so I snuffed.

Whats blue and smells like red paint? Blue paint *snuffs*

Boy: If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put "U" and "I" together.
Girl: *snuffs* But you cant rearrange the alphabet.
by tsolo January 16, 2014
1. To Punch or get punched
2. Ass whippin'
Big L- "if u got punched that mean u got snuffed"
by matt April 25, 2005
(Verb) To rub one's nose on a female's genitalia in the hopes of "offing" her.
Girl 1: "Has he snuffed you yet?"
Girl 2: "No, Robbie hasn't offed me yet."
Girl 1: "Damn girl, you better get on that!"
by BetaAlphaZeta February 06, 2012

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