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When a girl gives two hand jobs at the same time
Tiffany went snowskiing last night on bill and ted
by Bill and Ted December 14, 2002
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According to many, snow skiing is quite possibly the most liberating activity known to mankind. It takes place during the wintertime when a person straps 2 long boards onto their feet and uses them to go down the mountain.

Considered by ALL skiers to be better than snowboarding (even those who have boarded before) because the tricks look sicker, the speed is faster, and it is much more fun to bomb through the powder. Plus you dont sit around on the cold snow, take off and reattatch your boots in the lift line, or worry if chicks will get on you. It is also much more versatile when dealing with tree runs and making minute corrections to dodge punk boarders that sit on their asses right below knolls waiting to be taken out.
snowboarder 1: "dude! did you see that skier's 540 rodeo with an iron cross?!"

snowboarder 2: "yeah! it was the sickest thing ever!"

snowboarder 1: "yeah...he pulls all the bitches. i wish i was snow skiing instead of conforming to snowboarding like everyone else."
by wetbutter September 07, 2008
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When someone rides in the middle of a three seater truck in between two guys in order to give both of them handjobs.

A "double handjob"
Ted: "is she riding in the middle?"

John: "yea, what are you worried about? she can go snow skiing on both of our poles."
by IDGARA May 04, 2011
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