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Sexual position involving a female snorting a line of snow while climaxing doggy style.
My friend invented the snow plow.
by Season Michigan November 10, 2006
11 19
1v: To ejaculate in ones hand after have sex with another person and then slap them in the face with it.
" Man you should have seen it; I straight up shot it in my hand and gave that Biotch a Snow Plow !"
by The Manncino January 12, 2009
1 13
when one administers fellatio while also having anal/vaginal intercourse with another man. his/her lower half is then raised higher in the air, "snow plowing" the other individual. tres sexy.
"Billy, it's your turn to snowplow your mother. "

"But I... "

by eroticpinata November 24, 2003
7 19
to make the shocker with both hand and make a triangular possition with them and then insert 4 in the pink, 2 in the stink and or 4 in the gooch 2 in the pooch
"yo nigger i gave that girl the snow plow"
by that nigger tom July 16, 2006
6 19
a sex move, when u are fucking a girl you pull out and blow your load on her so it looks like snow just fell on her, then u go get in your snow plow and run the bitch over.
so i was bangin betty and i finished her off with a snow plow, she's gonna feel that one in the morning
by the December 16, 2004
17 35
campbell's old email. why are all his addresses so perverted????
hey i IMed cam on is snowplow
2 21
Verb, slang. A term of endearment. A word used to describe someone close to you. A buddy. See: Home Skillet
What up snowplow? Hey now snowplow!
by Bob, the one eyed trouser snake November 26, 2005
11 57