While on a different Snowmobile forum than Snowestonline a person might get the idea to go "Cyber Rambo" on another forum member (General Moronic behavior) in the chat box and get the full punishment from said forum's moderators, generally consisting of a short, sometimes too short banning from the forum to which the member, when re-instated to the chatbox will cry... "Call me a Wambulance, I got Snowested"
Man, I was only having fun...I got my dumazz Snowested
by Crasheyloo May 09, 2011
Top Definition
When an administrator of a site deletes/edits your post without good reason or notifiying the original poster. Origins from Snowestonline.com, and their new adminstrators policy to remove/edit posts to his liking .
Where did that picture go that I just posted, it must have gotten snowested.
by the real dizzle November 19, 2010
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