Top Definition
1. A badd ass white girl
2. A European female with a cute face and a nice body.
Guy 1: Yo, that Candice Swanepoel girl, that's a snowbone bitch.
Guy 2: There you go talkin bout them white girls again.
by Vyrotek August 01, 2012
Masturbating with a snow cone
Ex. 1 I had a great snow bone earlier.

Ex. 2 Girl- Lets have sex

Boy- Nah I'm gonna go home and snow bone!

Girl- Thats tite
by Frar July 05, 2009
A sexy snow cone, or the act of using a snow cone during sexual relations.
"Tell him you want a snowbone, A SNOWBONE!!!"
by cutter2 October 08, 2007
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