a gay mans mission to get as much spunk in one night as possible. can also be used for a cock hungry female.
julian: "oh my god i was so horny last night i went on a snow patrol!"

bruce:"oh you're such a dirty man whore"

cat: "i had sex with 5 blokes last night in th club"

sarah: "damn you were on one hell of a snow patrol!"
by hazmat man June 24, 2006
Top Definition
Brilliant band who were formed in Dundee, Scotland(at uni) and whose members live in Glasgow but are from (all of them not just Gary) N.Ireland. And yes they are better than Coldplay. And no they are not new. Final Straw is their third album.
'Run' smacks cream crackers out of 'Yellow', on any day of the week.
by outlawstar October 08, 2004
An extremely good band. Many songs often played in slow motion, this band is the freaking greatest ever.
I went to a Snow Patrol concert and when i was pushed during the mosh it took me 20 min to hit the ground.
by SNOWMANJEW December 09, 2004
Indie rock band from Glasgow with a Northern Irish frontman.Excellent songs, great talent, a real euphoric sound.

'Spitting Games' and 'Run' are probably their best tracks.
Final Straw is a real good album.
by BadLieutenant September 11, 2004
a BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT indie band, scottish apart from Gary Lightbody, front man, who is from Northern Ireland.
'Light up, light up, as if yooouu haaave a choice...'
by Perri January 27, 2005
A particularly inactive sexual partner. "If I lay here....If I just laaaaay here...."
"Man, I finally slept with Amber last night. So disappointed....She's a total Snow Patrol".
by Uncle Rae Rae July 30, 2010
A Scottish band who released two brilliant albums under Jeepster records in 1998 ("Songs For Polarbears") and 2001 ("When It's all Over We Still Have to Clear Up") but since then has gone downhill and changed their style to appeal to the mainstream. 2003's "Final Straw" was probably their last decent album. Best songs include "Starfighter Pilot", "Little Hide", "Sticky Teenage Twin", "Raze the City", "Making Enemies", "Last Ever Lone Gunman" and, of course, "An Olive Grove Facing the Sea".
Person A: Hey, what's your favourite Snow Patrol song?
Person B: An Olive Grove Facing the Sea.
Person A: Huh?! I've never heard of that!
Person B: Look it up!
by partycrasher441 June 27, 2010
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