1. A woman who sells her body for cocaine.

2. A white woman married to a black man.

3. A white prostitute
Dude, that chick is a snow-hoe!

(Scary Movie 3) Don't call me no snow-hoe!
by prophesyofwolf February 09, 2009
Top Definition
A derogatory term describing a white woman, usually poor, who is sexually involed with a black man, especially one who prefers white women. Term not intended for respectable, economically self-sufficient mixed race couples.
That cracker is a snow hoe bee-otch.
by Ritaroo August 03, 2006
A bitch who will do anything for powdered cocaine.
That guy's got a ton of money, and even more drugs, but the only bitches he can get are snow hoes. They'll leave as soon as he runs out of coke.
by Bijhan October 26, 2010
A white woman who involves herself romantically almost exclusively with black men and/or men who strongly believe they're black (see wiggers)
Person 1- You and Tiffany should get together, you'd make a great couple!
Person 2- I agree, we like the same things etc. but she's a total Snow Hoe
Person 1- Oh, well you can work on your tan and start listening to Rap...
by Harbles January 31, 2010
A word used to describe a Canadian woman. The woman doesn't have to be goodlooking, she can be just any Canadian woman.
Wil: Dude look at her! She's so hot!
Dylan: Man she's a Snowhoe! Hell yes!
by DylWil September 17, 2010
someone who spends every waking hour snowboarding
this winter ill be such a snowhoe
by amandakot November 27, 2007
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