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When a black person dates a white person.
"Yo dawg! You better not be snow flakin, those whities aint nuttin but trouble"
by Clueless_dude August 11, 2006
The attitude and lifestyle of every good squirrel. If a squirrel is snowflakin', then given squirrel must never goat around.
Bystander 1: "Why is that squirrel so damn cool?"
Bystander 2: "Because he's always straight snowflakin'!"
by Mama Squirrel January 09, 2009
An interracial relationship, with the focus on the sexual element of the relationship.
"That why you ain't got no time for your boys? Too busy frontin?"
"Too busy snowflakin!"
by Jynx May 06, 2005
A white boy talkin shit but can't back it up.
"all those motherfuckers r good for is snowflakin"
by u know January 13, 2005
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