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A method of using cocaine where you actually cover a firm (at least solid) turd in cocaine, and then ingest it orally.
Timmy's been going crazy with those snow dogs, he's got ass breath.
by Charles Gnarkley January 21, 2008
44 17
This activity involves a non-neutered dog masturbating until ejaculation into its own mouth. The dog then transfers the semen from its mouth into the awaiting owners mouth.
"Every night my dog Watson snowdogs me. Like warm milk, it puts me right to sleep"
by PSTL October 15, 2013
20 7
A cocaine covered turd. Usually given to a drug addict so that they can eat it.
jay z consumed a snowdog and that's how he joined the Illuminati.
by GabeNewllz July 13, 2013
18 13
A racial slur used to describe African American due to their previous slave status.
Jessika: somebody asked me if I had snowdogs back in Finland.
Austin: Is that what you call slaves?
Jessika: yes
Alec: lol
by snowdog millionaire August 07, 2012
2 12
A very snowy dog.
Hey, my dog is out in the snow, what a cute snowdog!
by FlyingFlip January 11, 2011
3 16