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Snouger combines the words 'snow' and 'cougar' to describe an elderly (60+) female with graying ('snow') hair who 'hunts' younger males with the intention of developing temporary or longer relationships. Snougars can easily be found lurking in night clubs, gyms and plastic surgery waiting rooms to reverse the effects of gravity and to polish their game. They also frequent online dating services ready to pounce on younger, less savvy, unsuspecting men. At social gatherings they stubbornly stand out from the rest of the crowd with their grey or otherwise colored bouffants and clothing that brazingly exposes body parts that perhaps might be suited to a somewhat younger specimen. Beware!
Dude, 3 o'clock, at the bar there's a snougar and she's got plans for you my only live once (wink).
by Maymei Lunch Gang February 04, 2011
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