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The small flesh channel connecting the base of the nose widening slightly to the top of the upper lip, forming the lip dip.
A snotqueduct allows the free flowing movement of mucus

snot and other bodily fluids from the nostrils to the upper lip.

The liquids may then either be wiped away with a Kleenex or,

lapped up with tongue like an overzealous retriever.
Each snotqueduct is totally unique although, Obama and Lady GaGa share similar, wide symmetrical I don’t have time for a snotqueduct,snotqueducts.

Tom Brokaw has an inverted funnel like snotqueduct.

Mick Jagger has a deep wide Suez canalesque snotqueduct.

Sarah Palin has a dainty indentation as though God placed his pinky on her lips and said, please stop talking.

Charlie Sheen’s snotqueduct is perfectly shaped to hold a straw in place.

Chaz Bono ‘s snotqueduct seems a bit confused. Yet, Mama

Cher’s aligns perfectly with her cleavage.

Brangelina’s dueling ducts are a combination snotluge and duck blind.

Hillary Clinton has a white hot magma spewing flesh trough

Kim Jong Il Has a mdest hard working snotqueduct that

provides sustenance to his people in times of famine.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s reversible snotqueduct is so sinister it must be concealed under Ringoesque facial hair, as not to be shouted down publicly by those who find it impossible to contain the laughter.

Vladimir Putin is said to spend hours primping his manly snotqueduct prior to his macho man photo ops.

The policeman was so obsessed the moistness of Lindsay Lohan’s snotqueduct, that he fantasized about, being the skinny dipping coke booger she never picks.
by Rick Pitt October 01, 2011
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