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A story that is exceptionally boring, such as one told by a senile grandfather about that time he got two for one on onions one day twenty years ago by being the first customer of the day. Just like he did the last nine times he told you about it.
May also be used as an adjective to refer to anything particularly dull.
Boy: Well if you're done with your snory- STORY...
Grandpa: You don't think much of me do you boy?
Boy: No sir, I do not.

Man 1: What a snory excuse for a meeting.
Man 2: actually think that was witty don't you?
by astrolounge January 21, 2010
An adjective that describes something extremely boring
The english period was so snory that everyone was asleep on their desks or completely spaced out.
by Jackie Lykstad April 24, 2008
Boring stories
Every time I bump into Walter he starts telling me snories
by Teabag June 15, 2011
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