That one fat ass Pokemon thing that is always in the fucking way of routes and forces you to get a poke flute or use a poke gear radio station. And when you do this of course you have to battle the thing because Pokemon.
I have to get a Pokeflute because that fucking Snorlax is in the way.
by Some Random Filipino September 24, 2014
An impediment or obstacle
Man, Craig was being such a snorlax when I tried to kiss Emma last night!
by Snorlax o'clock April 07, 2014
When you fuck a pregnant woman who is asleep and you are eating something
Richard: Man my mom got snorlaxed by her docter yesterday during a check up
by Pokemon fetish dude May 16, 2011
When a man creeps up a a snoring lady and ejaculates into her mouth so the lady starts gurgling the semen
Johnny: I Snorlaxed that chick last night.
Luke: What did it sound like?
Johhny: Like she was gurgling mouth wash.
by simonomon101 November 20, 2010
verb; the act of unfolding your body on some one who is bend down at the waist, usually while yelling, "SNOOORLAAAX!"

it is important to note that snorlaxing is not done across the back, so that the spines are perpendicular.

this is often done to highschool kids who have bottom lockers, or untied shoes.
dude: Dude, was Eric just bending over your back?
other dude: Yeah, dude. He snorlaxed me. Its not a gay think, i promise.
by Bill Neric May 25, 2010
Derived from the fat, sleepy pokemon Snorlax from the original pokemon games, who sits and causes obstruction. This can be used when walking when
1. There is a fat person in front blocking your path
2. Someone is stood blocking the path for no good reason. e.g. talking to someone else
3.When the people walking in front of you are just walking so slow they're practically stood still.
1. "sorry I'm late, i was stuck behind this Snorlax and couldn't get past."
2. "god I hate these Snorlaxes who completely get in your way when your trying to get somewhere quick."
3. "hey, I'm sick of walking slow, just overtake that Snorlax in front.""yeah she's holding everyone up"
by wallyts7 April 06, 2009
A nickname that the German Nazi's gave to the first homosexual, originally named Hunter of Spartan, now used to make fun of over weight pussys.
I don't wanba screw her, she's a snorlax.
by pfd 6th period March 26, 2010

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