Snorlax is a lazy cookie eatting Mexican Hobo.
Frank "Snorlax do anything productive?"
Snorlax "*munchmunch*

Snorlax is to blank as sex is to adults.
by Bananas March 15, 2005
aka rem
a large azn male. loves to hate things. the most evil person you will meet, he dreams of world domination. remington is also a very lazy person. he drives down the block to go to his friends house to watch hockey.

rem also is an alcoholic.
"yo! is that snorlax passed out in that chair blocking the doorway, someone go get a pokeflute to wake him so we can get by."

"no that is just rem, his passed out because he drinks too much. don't wake him he will be very angry, lets get some sharpies and write on him."
by not dylan April 10, 2007
Any period of mutual relaxation after intercourse between two or more parties.
"Come Dana, join us in snorlax."

"Hey! What happened to snorlax?"
by D.B. August 23, 2003
james bassig
tree shitter
ugly ass motherfucker
by fuck dana February 28, 2005
a giant necrophilic pokemon is awakenede only by jamming apoke flute up his anus
say it loud im a snorlax andim proud ex brain wilxox is a snorlax
by 0ei0-420-59043209-=23.psizofds/c.vom September 21, 2003
That one fat ass Pokemon thing that is always in the fucking way of routes and forces you to get a poke flute or use a poke gear radio station. And when you do this of course you have to battle the thing because Pokemon.
I have to get a Pokeflute because that fucking Snorlax is in the way.
by Some Random Filipino September 24, 2014

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