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Snoqualmie Ridge is a douchey town where all the kids are spoiled brats. The moms are usually about forty years old, and try to look/act like twenty five year olds. The moms don't work, and they wait on their disrespectful children 24/7. The dad's (usually about sixty years old) go to 'work', but in reality they're $5,000,000 in debt, and go cheat on their wives with eighteen year old hookers. Everybody is racist, and all the twelve year old boys text their 'girlfriends' and try to act like a super-douchey version of Justin Bieber. All the girls are fake and look the same. They have been impregnated at least once, but gotten an abortion by age fifteen.
12 year old boy from Snoqualmie Ridge: Hey wanna go out?
12 year old girl from Deer Park: Get the fuck away, jackass.
Snoqualmie ridge is a lovely little town in western Washington in the foothills of the cascade mountains! Well mainly stereo typed as a town full of spoiled rich kids who go to Starbucks everyday they are not! Not everyone may be nice and some kids are spoiled but a lot of really nice and work themselves for their own clothes and crap. Don't believe the rumors about the people here cause it's usually just gossip! It is a safe community but for people who live there kind of boring! The weather also sucks a lot but that goes for most of Washington! When it is sunny it is beautiful and fun!
"Oh those kids are from Snoqualmie Ridge.." Said in snarky voice!
"Well I know them and they are actually really nice"
by Annonnomousss June 27, 2013
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