Snopesed (verb), Snopsing (noun) refers to the act of questioning the origin of an email forwarded to one's inbox. There are certain red flags leading to the recipient initiating a Snopsing. Some are the words "Send this to everyone you know!" the attribution of clever statements or shibboleths to well known people or celebrities, often Kurt Vonnegut or George Carlin and dire warnings and predictions to cause alarm and fear in soft-hearted or gullible folk. The recipient then plugs keywords from the forward into to reveal basic fallacies and/or half-truths inherent in the message.
My husband forwarded me "George Carlin's Rules for 2007," but I Snopesed it and found out it wasn't from 2006 and it was really coined by Bill Mahler.

My cousin sent me an email suggesting I visit a particular website where every hit will supposedly cause Bill Gates to contribute a dollar to the the Society for Six-toed Sephardic Semites or some other worthy cause, but a Snopsing revealed it to be totally false.
by Marthakay October 20, 2007
Top Definition
The act of embarassing someone who sent you a bogus email forward that has been proven untrue by This is done by using the "Reply All" email feature and letting every recipient the email went to (usually a couple dozen or so) that the original sender made no attempt at factually verifying the email.
Original email subject line:
(Fwd)Home Invasion Thwarted by Eleven Year Old Girl, Two Illegal Aliens Dead

Reply all:
Re: (Fwd)Home Invasion Thwarted by Eleven Year Old Girl, Two Illegal Aliens Dead

You've been Snopesed!
by Jamie Q. February 24, 2009
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