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Snoozedoodle (verb): To snoozedoodle: The act of falling asleep while having sex (more than likely as a result of alcohol or drug over-consumption), leading to the male sexual partner's genetalia going "limp noodled", thus "hanging around in there all night" and ultimately slithering its way out. If this event lasts until morning, it may or may not make for a rather awkward awakening.
Unfortunately, he ended up being a snoozedoodler.

We were going at it last night, but in the end we both passed out and ended up snoozedoodling.

Babe, i'm tired tonight and I'd rather not have it end up being a snoozedoodle.

I don't get it, we snoozedoodled and he never called.
by LB/GB&Sippy July 22, 2011
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