A beagle that is waaaaaay better/awesomer/cooler than any other dog
Dude, Snoopy is so much better than Ruby!
by ~smartacus~ June 05, 2010
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Snoopy is a beagle dog that cartoonist Charles M. Schulz featured in the perhaps most popular comic strip in the world, "Peanuts". Snoopy has also been featured in movies, songs, etc. and is now an American icon. His independent nature has also made him a symbol of the "free spirit" attitude as well as what is good about America and its culture.
Good griefs! Snoopy is taking on the Red baron again!
by EliasG August 15, 2012
A cute beagle from the Peanut Shorts who is by far one of the greatest characters in history and apparently can be hit in the stomach and won't feel it.
Peter: Hey nice Snoopy costume you got there Brian
Brian: Thanks
Peter: *Punch* I guess its not true what they say, you can punch Snoopy as hard as you can and he won't feel it

Brian: That's Houdini!
Peter: No Brian, now get up and do the dance
by Silver Bells April 14, 2010
1) A word used to describe someone thats nosy.
Why are you so snoopy???
by annabanna June 08, 2011
Fifty year old dog, who kicks more ass than seabass
you makein fun of sNoopy BITCH, ill kill you
by Jebus December 10, 2002
creative way of describing bosom's also know as breast.
the Brazilian girl had a great set of Snoopys that where held up by the chyna doll swimsuit .
by protecturpistol January 15, 2012
The most awesomest, fun, bada** cartoon dog EVER
Seen in comics, tv shows, and on VCR cassettes and DVDs, and on t-shirts
Has a yellow small bird friend named Woodstock
Charlie Brown is his owner

Name one dog other than Snoopy that can:
1. roller skate
2. ice skate

3. cook breakfast, lunch and dinner on the stove or a grill
4. camp out in the middle of the friggin' woods and survive
5. still wear clothes and shades and look AWESOME
6. has a cool red doghouse that FLIES, which he names the Red Baron

7. sleeps on the roof of his doghouse

8. has a brother who lives in the DESERT
9. walk upright
diss Snoopy and i'll whoop your butt!!
by somebody//AWESOME August 07, 2011
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