defition: used by online video gamers as an insult to denounce their gaming skills and is known to be worse then a noob

ogrigin: orginal ancestor is noob
evolutionized into snoob
and eventually into snooj
all of its predecessors have been a typo from its previous form thus creating a new word evertytime
gg snooj you lose...rigged haxxors
by Danny G April 20, 2005
Top Definition
A bum or someone who doesn't contribute.
Ben asked to bum a cig. He was called a snooj and not given a cig.
by notoriousGG October 23, 2011
(verb) eupemism for spooj (or splooj) used by gamers.

(not to be confused with snooks)
After finishing the latest version of Grand Theft Auto, Jeff snoojed all over his mouse.
by hella99 May 19, 2006
harder term in the case of a "noob"
somone who is douchey
by Wayne Rummings March 13, 2005
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