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Is an innovative and useful product made for sale through retail and promotional product distributors. Snoogler is and insulated neoprene product for standard ice creampints. The product allows the user to attain a better grip on an ice cream pint without getting hands cold. It also acts as a coaster, protecting furniture from condensation.
Use the Snoogler to enjoy your favorite pint of ice cream in comfort.
by Snoogler, Inc. February 10, 2008
when one male sticks his penis into another gay males genital foreskin then ejaculates the cleans it out with his mouth.
stop snoogling with your dad you motherfucker.
by G-Dog February 12, 2004
someone who lays around and snoogles with their girlffriend/boyfriend all day <33 cuddlers
Yo, you two have been under that blanket watching tv all day. Your such snooglers.
by snoogelr August 10, 2005

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