the act of sneezing on a gentleman's cock during intimate moments.
Yes, I have received a snock.
by snockdiscoverer July 11, 2011
A definition for a bald head resembling a large bellend, often resulting in the person whos head it is looking like a large penis.
"Did you see the snock on that Olympic swimmer? he looked like a 6ft John Thomas!!"
by G Cooper September 15, 2009
Snocks is a person or animal who loves to sniff socks.
Hey quit it snocks!
by ChevyMama June 10, 2016
A winged penis.
The snock chased down Sam with great ferocity and raped him were he stood.
He tried gallantly to escape but the snock was too vigorous .
by Snockmaster November 19, 2015
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