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To beat a snob... whether its to physically beat them to death....or beat them in a sport.

usage: I committed snobicide in basketball...

when a bully is defeated by his/her victim (emo/nerd)
therefore...the emo committed snobicide.
or when the bully is defeated in ANY way....by his/her victim.
usage: I committed snobicide in basketball...

emo/nerd: Im gonna beat this snob
Snob: Im the best!!! yolo!!!
emo/nerd: Im attempting snobicide.

Witnesses: Wow! the Emo beat that snob, 1 on 1.

or a group can commit snobicide....or attempt it when they feel like they want to put the bully in his place. #Snobicide. stick up for yourself and people you care for...by snobicide.
by Snobicide May 02, 2014

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