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Snipegunner - A form of newbie, created due to the victim's ineptitude at the internet.

Snipegunners usually come in the form of inexplainably large newbies. Although they are generally fluent in the concept and practical implementation of leetspeak and it's numerous offshoots, the snipegunners still tend to retain a large aura of newbiness. The reason for this aura is still unknown to this day, but it is suspected that it was formed due to the extraordinary lack of intelligence. The seralabs IRC channel has just recently undergone an influx of snipegunners, and this specimin of newbie will remain a constant horror in our minds forever.
Snipegunner himself; a resident newbie in the #seralabs IRC channel.
by Rick March 08, 2004
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<Snipegunner> u r teh f4g.
<Aaerox> irc newb.
by Rick March 14, 2004
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My whore.
HAHAH Suck my dick, Snipegunner.
by Veonik July 13, 2003
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