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A replacement for the word shit. Often used by pros like Se7oluTion_, Calam1ty, and NuMbeR FIve0.
Se7oluTion_:Man, your such a snip.
Calam1ty:Nah, that queer over there is a snip.
NuMbeR FIve0:I know, what a little sniplet.
by Se7oluTion_ January 21, 2007
17 27
Cutting off part of your post on a forum, or the complete post.
Guy 1: *posts in a thread*
Guy 1: *realizes it does not fit*
Guy 1: *edits post, replaces everything with "snip"*
by Oscar_SP August 22, 2009
123 29
A word mainly used in internet forums. To cut out someone's post, usually due to length or to draw more attention to one's own post.
(quote="anonymous" post=...) -snip- (/quote)

I disagree with this person, but you have to scroll up the forum to see what he said so you can know why I'm disagreeing. Yes, I am a jerk.
by Chosen Sloth August 02, 2009
16 3
(verb) To score ridiculous, insane, incredible, or magnificient goals in Hockey, whether it be in Ice Hockey, Street Hockey, or in Video Games.

(Noun) Short for "snipe". A ridiculous or magnificient goal in Ice Hockey, Street Hockey, or NHL 09. Most of these are credited to a man by the name of Alexander Ovechkin.
'YO did u see that ovechkin goal!?"
"Na bro but I heard it was a SNIP!!!!!"
by OVYISGOD8 June 06, 2009
36 29
stuff, things, shit
You better put some water on that damn snips!
by Sym Dawnderson August 21, 2009
6 3
1) A Women
2) Shwaty
3) Baby Girl
4) Short for "Ho-Snip"
Damn those snips over there is wavy son.
by Karl and Allan September 30, 2009
30 28
A sensitive nipple. Also known as a Sensitive nip.
Don't touch my snips!
by Ricky Bubbles June 15, 2010
8 9
A mini snap
I saw a snip, so i snapped.
by Snapperdedapper January 29, 2009
8 9