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SIBAS(Suck In Breathe And Stare)-This term or action is used when someone is acting gay or just plain stupid.
Person#1:Dude look at that queer!
Person#2:Ugh SIBAS.
Queer:Why are those guys staring at me like that?! Its making me feel like shit.
by Se7oluTion_ January 18, 2007
A replacement for the word shit. Often used by pros like Se7oluTion_, Calam1ty, and NuMbeR FIve0.
Se7oluTion_:Man, your such a snip.
Calam1ty:Nah, that queer over there is a snip.
NuMbeR FIve0:I know, what a little sniplet.
by Se7oluTion_ January 21, 2007

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