Internet username or "handle" used by a poster at the Democratic Underground. Look for kinky meth-induced sex pics, which include Sniffa and a purplish object protruding from his anus. Enjoys sniffing sweaty feet.
Sniffa's going to go crazy when he sees your new purple socks!
by Bi_Baby July 10, 2008
Top Definition
A man of high stature that pursues quality puzzy and sniffs the females panties for erotic pleasure.
Sniffa walked out of the bar with two hot blondes and brought em home and gained arousal through the snatch smell on there pink little thongs.
by Rtc May 17, 2005
the act of a sniffing somebodys hair and/or shoulder in order to get people to laugh, although the act of sniffing is riduculously unfunny.
"oi tuity did u get a load of that sniffa over there"
"yeah hes a gay sniffing cunt"
by Ric Payne November 09, 2007
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