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Someone who sneakily snatches a pair of ''your'' underware from ''your'' room and quickley runs to the shitter to violently sniff at it whilst rapidly jerkin' thy's gerkin with a pervy grin on one's face...

AKA: Sniff-And-Run
Oh, It was one lovley Christmas Eve, when I excitedly got up early to attempt to catch-out 'Santa Clause'.

Then, I heard a sound that sounded very much like a 'Reindear' eating the food we left out. but to my shocking discovery, was just just my ''Good old'' Uncle Davie, with a pair of my dirty underware to his nose with his ''COCK!!!'' In his HAND!!!!! Who then tried to run away!!!...

AKA: Sniff-And-Run
by Jack-AllieBoiz November 05, 2011

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