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Her moods change with the moon.She can be mean but she'll still call you and ask you how you're feeling. A lovable person who can be funny,kind caring and sweet and can get mad for no reason whatsoever. Someone you can depend on at all times knowing for sure she'll stick it out with you come what may. But Beware.
"She's such a sneha, you never know what she's thinking!"
"This house has been my sneha for over 50 years now"

by dontbother April 21, 2008
adj: amazing, kind, wonderful, happy, bubbly
v: to treat harshly or unkindly without cause
adj: She's sneha, and she doesn't deserve to have these c****y things said about her.
v: She's already been snehaed, so publish this or take the other one off
by iliketoskiandsayyourface February 29, 2008
someone who is HAWT but weird at the same time. a sneha is someone who loves to mess up people's love lives and likes to tell random pointless stories. a sneha is friendly and hilarious yet beware for the random moments when she can bitch you out.
1) don't be a sneha and tell him that i like him!
2) Mr. Man: one time i saw a play where the kids were singign and they were like "picking flowers in afghanistan...frolicking in iraq"
Mrs. Woman: that story is SUCH a sneha
3) let's be sneha and bitch out arti, an innocent 6 year old in dance camp
by owieahgs October 01, 2006
Attractive Lady who sometime's mis-understands whats written on websites, thinks she's right when she often isn't. Always wrong when debating subjects with anyone called Vinit
Vinit says:
if its on the net, then its true
Sneha says:
of course gorgeous
Sneha says:
by Vinit July 30, 2006
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