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A sex act so ridiculous that this has to be something made up by a 13 year old boy who had just been on a field trip to a farm or petting zoo.
First guy: "I read about this thing called a "sneezing webster" on Urban Dictionary yesterday. You stick your dick into a cow's nose and block the other nostril and shove your balls in it's mouth. Man, that has to be the most disgusting sex act ever."
Second guy: "No dude, you are the biggest moron ever. That's completely made up."
by Lefthandman2000 October 16, 2008
Sticking your dick into a nostrel of a cow while plugging the other nostrel with your hand making the cow tongue your balls.
Dude my friend lost his balls while getting a sneezing webster.
by cale hadaway June 25, 2008
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