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The act of sneezing into your shirt sleeve, which has recently been encouraged to help prevent the spread of the Influenza H1N1 virus by such authorities as WHO, President Obama, and Elmo.
Dude 1: Achoo!
Dude 2: Dude, you just sneezed into your sleeve.
Dude 1: Dude, it's called a sneeve, and everyone should do it.
Dude 2: Frankly, I prefer the snot rocket, because now your sleeve looks like you just had one off the wrist.
by Sneevin' Steven September 22, 2009
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noun. Cannabis.(tHc)
The clodd who walks around and talks to himself humming erraneously.
A sneeve is very detatched and distant.

Sneeve bud is what you get when you cross breed ak-47 sativa and BlueBerry Indica.
Yo' I needs to score some sneevebud, grab the sneevecar, Call up Sneeve, and get him to bring all the sneevelington accessories to get this sesh in order yo'.
by DarkyMulatto September 16, 2006
v: to sneeze with disasterous results.
D00D i just sneeved and hit my head on the dumpster!
by manwithlargepackage May 08, 2010
an insult.
not a good word, yet not a bad word. basically a curse word that no one has defined. my friend & i made it up randomly.
"Wow. Doug is such a sneeve!"
by amanda peters November 27, 2007

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