Sneezing so hard that a bit of poop comes out.
Excuse me, where's your bathroom? I just sneeted something fierce.
by Burkhalter January 20, 2008
Top Definition
Snow that closely resembles sleet.
Wear a hat, the sneet will wreck your hair.
by milkbonebrand November 11, 2003
(1)a person who is very particular about the things they are interested in.(2)one who is attentive to detail and quality(3)verb:"sneetish" to be that which is particlar in any given topic or field of knowledge.
Man, she is so snetish! where did she get those shoes?

Those sneets are very determined at findind a viable solution to the depletion of natural energy sources

He is very sneetish, I do not think he will be attracted to her!
by namllrn April 27, 2004
Term used in the 1950's-1980's to describe cum, spooch or sperm
He was so turned on that he blew his sneet.
by Maui Jay February 15, 2007
a combination of is and neat
'sneat -> sneet
1. Dude! That car is sneet!
2. Wow, that sneet
by Rob Saurini May 14, 2004
A comination of sweet and snap. This word has the same defintions but is just another word to add to your vocabulary to make it more interesting and colorful.
Holy crap, that CD was friggin sneet!
by Moi January 19, 2005
A group of hot nubile teens.
Look at all that snickitty snickitty sneet over there. I gotta get me some of that!
by Peter Gozinya October 10, 2003
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