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(1)a person who is very particular about the things they are interested in.(2)one who is attentive to detail and quality(3)verb:"sneetish" to be that which is particlar in any given topic or field of knowledge.
Man, she is so snetish! where did she get those shoes?

Those sneets are very determined at findind a viable solution to the depletion of natural energy sources

He is very sneetish, I do not think he will be attracted to her!
by namllrn April 27, 2004
(1)To have sex with someone

(2)A skip of the foot while one leg drags behind momentarily

(3)To start or consume something
What happened with you and that girl last night? "I honesied!"

Wow look at that guy honsey!

Man! you ate all my pizza! I told you not to honsey!!
by namllrn April 27, 2004
A roomate or cohabitating person who lives above, next to or in the same living space with another indivdual.

One who is always with you.
Today is most likley a bad day to come and watch porno at my house, my UNGARITA is home.

Thats my ungarita!!!

He's my ungarita not yours!
by namllrn April 27, 2004
(1) that which represents a gangster
(2) anyone who is aggressive
(3) verb: to be hordle, confrontational

ALT: Hordle meet, see: "meet dae"
(1) I don't think you should be provoking that guy, he's kind of a hordle!

(2) Eee hoo! some hordle meets!
by namllrn April 28, 2004
(1) One who stays in the shawdows of a social scene

(2) A street soldier who continues to walk the paths and pavement where he/she grew up without any signs of stopping.

(3) A person from Berkeley Ca. who is always walking around. (daily)
That is so lurkley! I see that guy everywhere I go!
by namllrn April 27, 2004
(1)One who is inherantly lazy and witout motivation(2) to be complacent.
(3)An obese peson who consumes large proportions of food and drinks, who makes no attempts at changing thier behavior.(4)resembling a cow.
She is very moofed out, she hasn't moved an inch today!
He is so moofed out, he doesn't care about anyting.
That lady was so moofed out, she was nearly 500 pounds!
by namllrn April 27, 2004
(1)to be angry or provoked into anger.
(2)to be mentally unstable
(3)to have quirky behavioral patterns
That guy scooched me, what a jerk!

I am so scooched from that stressfull situation

That man is very scooched, I think he's a little wierd
by namllrn April 27, 2004

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