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Sneek and Snake. (v).

Sneek and snake, an act performed by entering a chatroom. Then posing as a young woman promising to go onto a web camera exposing your genitals. After you attract the Sneek and Snake victim you offer to add him on a instant messaging service (i.e. MSN, AOL, YAHOO, ect.) After this is completed you say will give them a cam show via IM. So you sent them a video chat invite, and just before they accept it you pull out your penis and shake it in front of the camera. So when the man looks expecting to see a young nude girl he sees your penis flopping about on camera.

This term was coined by Ruggles and Jeffy in "The Ruggles and Jeffy Sho!" Season 1 Episode 2 where they show how it looks from both the persons view points and the hilariousness which unfolds!!
Oh my god! This kid said he was a hot blonde with big tits but when she went on cam all I saw was a massive penis!! Iv'e been the victum of a Sneek and Snake
by RJTV February 12, 2009
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