1.Parents brother who, having paedophaelic (and sometimes homosexual) tendancies, often crept into your room late at night while drunk to 'play' with you under the covers. Can be characterised by using phrases such as "This can be our little secret," or "don't tell Mummy and Daddy." 2.Paedophile or rock spider. 3.Sexually devious or sick induvidual.
1.I have a sneaky uncle. 2.There was a sneaky uncle creeping around our schoolyard.
by John Barry January 08, 2005
Top Definition
The tendency your Dad's brother has for drilling out the bottom of his popcorn box and putting his penis there.
Uncle Jeb pulled a sneaky uncle during Schindler's List for Aunt Sarah. Afterwards, they fucked in row JJ.
by fucwad March 28, 2004
When a man is standing and has his back turned torwards you. You reach between his legs with your hand, and hit him in the balls.
Glenn had his back to me, so I gave him a sneaky uncle. He fell to the floor in pain.
by Sneaky Uncle Glenn November 26, 2009
to touch or grab someone's private areas in a discreet manner by concealing the action with a more mundane motion. e.g.: reaching across your aunt at the dinner table to get the salt while you nonchalantly grab her crotch.
i gave megan a sneaky uncle in the car while pretending to look for the road map.
by roo March 26, 2004
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