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1) A man of the meat trade who is sly by nature.
2) A lady's man who has more than one woman on the go at the same time, but keeps this fact to himself through the cunning art of being sneaky.
1) Mr Bloggs the butcher only gave me four and a half pounds of brisket instead of five! That butcher is sneaky!
2) Ben really is a sneaky butcher; you never know where he'll put his meat!
by dan258 December 11, 2003

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A sneaky butcher is a ghey man.

The kind who takes his meat round the back.
OMG he's a sneaky butcher?
by def November 03, 2003
A gay man. Takes meat in the back door.
Barney Frank sure is a sneaky butcher. He takes the man meat in his back door daily!
by Alabama Crab-dangler July 06, 2009