noun: an event similar to a sausage fest, but instead of having too many guys it has too many transexuals who have changed from female to male
Dude 1: "What was up with that party? It was a total sausage fest, no chicks."
Dude 2: "Did you realize that none of them had any facial hair?"
D1: "I guess... what about it?"
D2: "There WERE chicks at the party, they just had a equipment."
D1: "Gross! Total snausage fest!"
by Don King June 20, 2006
Top Definition
Where a Room is Completely Devoid of Female Dogs, or Bitches, and filled to the brim with Male Dogs.
Tim: "So, how many dogs do you have?"
Robert: "I have Four Male Dogs"
Bob: "Damn, what a Snausage Fest."
by Vynomous July 24, 2011
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